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Why Envy

Envy Professional: The intelligent luxury range for all hair types

We are hairdressers not corporations, we can't recommend what soap powder you should use or washing up liquid to buy, what we can tell you is how to make your hair look fantastic, and as we do that we are on a mission to shake up the world of haircare and put an end to the years of confusion.

Our philosophy is simple, one product for all hair types and we take this very seriously, every product has been put through the toughest boot camp known to haircare, the working salon, tried and tested on hundreds of hair types by hairdressers around the world before making it as an envy hero. Because we haven't discriminated against hair types, we have a refreshingly simple capsule range of 6 intelligent products that promise to help repair, tame, lift, add shine, enhance colour, reduce frizz and make blowdrying easier.

It’s taken years and years and years of hard work to get the formulations to the point where every single hero is perfected, along the way there have been some hugely entertaining and hugely frustrating moments as we’re sure most ventures experience, but one thing that kept us all going was the determination to prove there is a better solution to the existing chaos and now we know there is.  Whether at trade shows with hairdressers or in the salon with clients, we have seen and shared the wow factor they’ve all experienced.  We don’t use models at shows, we’re so confident in the results that we take hairdressers from the crowd and do their hair right there and then, we love those WOWs but don't just take our word for it check out some of the endorsements and testimonials from trade press, hairdressers and clients below and for more click here.

I feel like a silky unicorn after using Envy


Very happy about the results after trying my Envy Blowdry Set


I love Envy Products and so do my clients, amazing products

Elegance Hair Salon

I set up my salon in December 14 and I was looking for something amazing and different to use and sell. I came across Envy and I haven't looked back since

Holly Blakeley Hair

Envy is perfect for curly hair, it makes the curls really sleek and soft

Hair Magazine

Make your clients' hair the envy of all their friends with Dual Fix. A rapid-shine treatment that takes minutes and last weeks

Creative Head Magazine

Like all the best productions though, we didn’t do this on our own, we need to say a special thank you to all the hairdressers, clients and friends worldwide who have contributed to the creation of this ground breaking range that cuts through the confusion.

Now we have sent our heroes out on their mission it’s time to enjoy the next stage of development, we’re sure there will be plenty more ups and downs on the way and we look forward to sharing them with all our family so please feel free to join us on social media click here and be part of our exiting journey.

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