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Envy Pro Testimonials

Envy Professional Haircare is proud to be loud about our SLS/SLES and Paraben Free cleanse, condition and style formulas. Our keratin and silk enriched blends strengthen, soothe, smooth and restore damaged and dry hair and that’s something everyone needs to hear about. We’ve included a sample of our press cuttings right here.

Hair Magazine

Your new BFF! A miracle in a bottle, this little wonder promises to smooth, volume, rehydrate, reconstruct and restore hair from chemical and heat damage. WE LOVE!
(Hair Magazine)

Cosmopolitan Magazine

Envy Dual Fix 12 - Envy is a fabulous new pre-wash treatment that instantly repairs all hair types. It boosts shine, reduced frizz, smells gorgeous, looks great, is easy to use and lasts weeks!
(Cosmopolitan Magazine)

Your Hair Magazine

Hair Onesies! With budgets getting tighter, we're loving the all-in-one styling products that offer shine, control, protection and damage repair at the same time. Our current favourite is Envy Frizzgard Dual Fix.
(Your Hair Magazine)

Creative Head Magazine

Green with Envy Make your clients' hair the envy of all their friends with Envy 2 Dual fix. A rapid-shine treatment that takes minutes and last weeks, Envy 2 dual fix is a pre-wash spray-in treatment for maximum condition.
(Creative Head Magazine)

Hair Magazine

Envy Dual Fix 12 - This fabulous shine-enhancing, de-frizzing hair treatment takes minutes to work and lasts weeks… all of our hair problems are solved!
(Hair Magazine)

Hairdresser Magazine

Envy Dual Fix 12 is a pre-wash treatment that offers rapid shine and frizz-calming properties. A balance of silk and kertin amino acids provide maximum condition, body and shine.
(Hairdresser Magazine)

Creative Head Magazine

Envy Dual Fix 12 - Lustre-boosting, frizz-calming and fantastic smelling - what’s not to love? Envy pre-wash spray-in treatments features a perfect balance of silk and keratin amino acids for maximum body, shine and condition.
(Creative Head Magazine)

Salon Business

Envy's Dual Fix 12 is a must for clients who want rapid shine. Bursting with silk and keratin amino acids, we predict this produt will be flying off the shelves.
(Salon Business Magazine)

Hairdressers Journal

Envy Dual Fix 12 - Its gorgeous smell and shine-boosting elements will be a favourite with clients.
(Hairdressers Journal)

Hair Magazine

Superhero products on test - [Envy] is perfect for curly hair like mine, it makes the curls really sleek and soft.
(Hair Magazine)

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