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Eat Your Way to Healthy Hair!

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Tips on how your diet can help your hair

A healthy, balanced diet will not only have an impact on your overall wellbeing, but it also gives fantastic results for skin, hair and nails. We’ve rounded up some of the key food groups you should be eating regularly to ensure your hair is enviably thick, strong and healthy.

Around 70% of our hair is made up of a protein called keratin, so it makes sense that a lack of protein in our diet can have an impact on the condition of our hair. To avoid weak, dull and brittle strands, introduce lean meats and eggs which are high in essential B vitamins and biotin.

Low iron levels has been linked with baldness and hair loss, so it is essential to include plenty of foods which are high in the mineral, such as red meat, beans, dried fruit, dark greens (spinach and kale) and shellfish. Vitamin C helps the body to absorb iron, so be sure to load up your plate with produce such as broccoli, tomatoes and citrus fruits.

Hydration is key - Water comprises around 25% of each hair strand so it’s important to drink plenty of water everyday. Combining a healthy diet with a good haircare routine, such as the #EnvyBlowDry system, will make a real difference to the overall condition of your mane.

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Image credit: Lernert & Sander X de Volkskrant