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Glastonbury Festival Hairstyles

With Glastonbury continuing what is set to be another fantastic festival season this year, we’re feeling inspired by festival hair. Arguably the biggest style trend of the year, braids will be the style to be seen in this summer. From fishtails to pigtails and baby braids to milkmaids, braids are the easiest way to look on trend whilst keeping hair back off the face. Here are three quick and easy ideas that are perfect for music fields this summer.


The simplest way to add some festival chic to your hair is to add small plaits throughout your hair for a subtle look. Depending on how thick your hair is, add between 5-10 braids.


This style can be applied to any typical three section braid.

1.Section hair into three and tie a piece of long material to one of the hair sections.

2.Incorporate the section as you braid.

3.Loosen the braid put pulling gently at easy section until you’re happy.


The milkmaid braid is great for crowded gigs when you need to keep cool.

1.Create two bunches, teasing the hair for that boho texture before plaiting as normal and securing with a clear elastic.

2.Pull the first braid over the top of your hair and secure in place with a bobby pin.

3.Repeat with the other side, ensuring you have tucked away any stray strands.

Are you attending any festivals this year? Tell us your go-to hairstyle in the comments section below or on our Twitter and Facebook feeds using the hashtag #EnvyBlowDry!