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Heat Free Hair Hacks

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Heat Free Hair Hacks - Cara Delevingne

We put our hair under a lot of stress on a daily basis with constant heat application and over styling, so every now and then it’s good to give our hair a break. If like us, your hair resembles a Brillo pad without any styling, then you’ll love our three favourite heat free hair hacks.


Braids are a fantastic way to style your hair without the need for heat and with endless styles to choose from, you’ll never run out of ideas. Wear in a braid one day and take down for loose curls the next. Read our Festival Braids blog for our top three styles and how to wear them.


Another great hair hack for heat free styles is the hair donut, which can be used to create volumous buns. If you do not have a hair donut, take an old pair of socks (clean, of course), cut the toe off and roll into a donut shape. Pull your hair into a ponytail as desired and thread the sock through. Slide the sock a few inches down from the top of your pony, spreading your hair around the material evenly and begin rolling the hair back towards the top of your ponytail. Secure with a hairband or a few bobby pins and voila!


If you like to wear your hair loose but fear the frizz, try this simple beach waves hack. Wash your hair as normal and towel dry hair thoroughly. Comb through knots and tangles before parting your hair into two sections. If your hair is particularly prone to frizz, run a couple of pumps of Style Hero to help smooth and condition the hair. Take your first section and begin to twist hair in an anti-clockwise motion until you have a tight twist through your hair and pin to the top of your head. Repeat with the second section and leave to dry - a perfect opportunity to do your makeup or grab some breakfast. When your hair is dry, take down both sections and finger comb through for that messy beachy texture and you’re good to go!

What are you waiting for? Down tools and try one of these heat free hacks!

Do you have any heat free hair hacks you’d like to share? Leave your tips in the comment sections below or post them on our Twitter or Facebook feeds using the hashtag #EnvyBlowDry and we’ll share our favourites!