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HOW TO: Choose a Style for your Face Shape

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Whilst we enjoy the pampering experience of visiting the salon, many of us dread the moment our stylists get their scissors out. Getting your hair cut needn’t be a trying affair, simply knowing your face shape will help when choosing a cut and style to suit you.

Sarah Jessica Parker Natalie Portman Hairstyles


Characteristics: Face is longer than it is wide, width is narrow and the sides of your face are straight.

Celebrity Hairspiration: Sarah Jessica Parker, Angelina Jolie and Natalie Portman.

Recommended Styles: The most versatile of face shapes, you can get away with more styles than most. Opt for chin-skimming bobs, pixie crops or long loose waves with face shaping layers.

Mila Kunis Emma Stone Hairstyles


Characteristics: Forehead and jawline are roughly the same width, jawline and forehead rounded with no angles or points.

Celebrity Hairspiration: Mila Kunis, Ginnifer Goodwin and Emma Stone.

Recommended Styles: Create less volume around your face by adding graduated layers, which will make your face appear slimmer.

Sophia Bush Olivia Wilde Hairstyles


Characteristics: Length and width of face is equal, strong jaw line and chin is flat rather than pointed.

Celebrity Hairspiration: Sandra Bullock, Sophia Bush and Olivia Wilde.

Recommended Styles: Soft curls work well with square shapes as they provide a contrast to the straight lines of the face. Avoid blunt bobs as these will only accentuate the annual shape. 

Rachel Bilson Kourtney Kardashian Hairtstyles


Characteristics: Face is longer than it is wide, cheeks taper down into the jawline and chin is narrow and pointed.

Celebrity Hairspiration: Rachel Bilson, Kourtney Kardashian and Katie Holmes

Recommended Styles: Avoid shorter styles including blunt fringes and asymmetrical crops in favour for longer styles. If you crave a shorter do, chop no shorter than chin-length.

Does your style reflect your face shape? Let us know in the comments section below or on our Twitter or Facebook feeds using #EnvyBlowDry!